Steam Cleaning


Steam Cleaning is an effective method of taking care of carpets and upholstery, including car seats and interiors.

By taking care of every room in your home and every aspect of your vehicle interior, our steam cleaning services can be a powerful solution to dust mites, carpet beetles, and bed bugs.


Our miraculous steam cleaning service in Belfast is made possible by the use of our Prochem Steempro Powerflo. The Steempro Powerflo that we use is a professional level upholstery and carpet cleaning machine.

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For Carpets and Upholstery, the cost of our steam cleaning services in Belfast can vary, but prices typically start from just £20 per bedroom.

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We take particular pride in the fact that we are consistently reviewed as the top rated carpet & upholstery cleaning company in Belfast.

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Stain Removal

Steam Cleaning is the most efficient way to erase any embedded stains, which can be caused by dirt or grease.

A considerable advantage to steam cleaning, along with its stain removing properties, is its ability to eradicate unwanted bugs, mites, and pathogens; including bacteria and most viruses.


Steam Cleaning is not recommended for some fabrics, such as leather. While we do not recommend steam cleaning leather, we have other cleaning methods in place to rejuvenate and restore your leather furniture.